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Just released! The new and hot OPTI-Touch Touch screen remote. The newest technology and the best features to control everything from your TV to your PC. Aside from completely pimping out any living room table, you can control nearly every electronic facet of your home via the IR emitter, and if you toss in the RF-enabling Harmony Wireless Extender ($149.99), you can dictate the gadgetry in any room of your crib. Sporting the Smart State Technology also found in the OPTI-Touch 890, the 1000 allows for automated control of various systems / activities with a single button press, and with an online stockpile of 175,000 devices at your disposal, setup shouldn't cause too many headaches.

I own a OPTI-Touch remote and I must say this. After owning a high end Pronto (Macro setting hell), using a PDA (Sony Clie, poor IR power)and even theRadio Shack remote (very cool, bad macro support,a battery hog) the Opti-Touch has the absolute best capabilities for beginner all-in-one set up andexperts for complete home automation with exceptional ease. The web setup is by far and away the best way to set up a universal remote. Just select you components from their extensive(read massive) library of brand and off brand components/appliances, set up how you want the macros to act, additional individual component punch throughs, et., click load, and that's it. One of the best IR transmitters, easiest learning curve for a remote with so much depth of capability and ease of use. Nothing comes close.

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