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David Huntington Adams   David Huntington Adams


Dave, GG, Kidneys

Varsity Swimming; Varsity Tennis; "A" Society; Dance Committee (Secretary-Treasurer '61); Ashnoca; Blue and White (Managing Editor '61); Mitchell Cabinet; Senior Prefect; Ivy Orator

To enter Washington and Lee University




Thomas Clingman Arnold   Thomas Clingman Arnold


Tommy, Rocking Tommy

Junior Football; Varsity Football; Junior Basketball; Varsity Basketball (Captain '61); Golf (Captain '61); "A" Society; Athletic Advisory Council

To enter the University of North Carolina



Craig Barrow, III   Craig Barrow, III

Wart, Grandpa

Super Junior Football; Junior Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Soccer (Captain '61); Varsity Track; "A" Society; Athletic Advisory Council; Mitchell Cabinet (President '61); Blue and White ( Business Manager '60, Editor-in-Chief '61); Prefect; Captain of Blues

To enter the University of Georgia




William Vance Brown, II   William Vance Brown, II


Shiv, Toro, Torero, Zorro

Junior Basketball; Varsity Football; Varsity Swimming (Captain '58, '61); Varsity Tennis (Captain '61); Doubles Champion '60; Choir; Dramatic Society (President '61); Ashnoca (Make-Up Editor '61); Cast of George Washington Slept Here, The Mousetrap, and Harvey; "A" Society; Library Committee; Mitchell Cabinet; Secretary of the Class 1961

To enter Washington and Lee University



Thomas H. Broyhill, II   Thomas H. Broyhill, II


Injun, Bear, Eyebrows

Super Junior Football; Junior Basketball; Junior Football; B-Team Basketball; Junior Baseball; Varsity Track; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; "A" Society; Choir (President '60, '61); Charcoals

To enter the University of North Carolina




James Richard Cobb   James Richard Cobb


Jim, Starkweather, Four-eyes

Junior Football (Captain '58); Junior Basketball; Varsity Football (Captain '60); B-Team Basketball (Captain '59); Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball (Captain '60); "A" Society; Athletic Advisory Council; Mitchell Cabinet; Treasurer '61; Dance Committee; Ashnoca (Business Manager '61); Wit 'n' Waffles

To enter the University of North Carolina




Norman Auld Elmslie, Jr.   Norman Auld Elmslie, Jr.

Scotty, Sarge, Mono Feo

Junior Football; Junior Baseball; Junior Soccer; Varsity Soccer; Swimming; Track; Crew; Choir (Vice President '60, '61); Blue Notes; Astronomy Club; Navigation; Cum Laude

To enter North Carolina State College




George N. Funderburk   George N. Funderburk

Pygmy, Little Man, Funderbush

Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball (Manager '60, '61); Tennis; B-Team Basketball; Basketball; Swimming; "A" Society; Ashnoca (Advertising Manager '61); Mitchell Cabinet; Dance Committee; Dramatic Society (Vice President '61); Dramatic Prize '58; Cast of Brother Orchid, and R.U.R.





Robert Bruce Giffen   Robert Bruce Giffen


Bob, Griff, Snake

Basketball; Varsity Track; Swimming; Cheeerleader; Review (Advertising Manager '60, Co-Editor '61); Blue and White (Managing Editor '61); Cum Laude; Algebra Prize

To enter the United States Air Force Academy




Edward Alexander Glover   Edward Alexander Glover

Alec, Saint

Tennis; Swimming; Senior Prefect; Review (Co-Editor '61); Mitchell Cabinet; Wit 'n' Waffles; Geometry Prize; Ashnoca; Dramatic Society

To enter Duke University





Parker Robeson Henry   Parker Robeson Henry deceased 9/10/04

Dung Beetle ,Grade Hound

Junior Basketball; Tennis; Swimming; Baseball (Manager '59); Library Committee; Photographic Society; Biology Prize

To enter the University of Virginia





Joseph Wm. Fields Holliday   Joseph Wm. Fields Holliday


Bill, Rocking Bill, BBB

Junior Football; Varsity Football; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Tennis; Golf; Ashnoca (Staff Cartoonist '56-'61); French Prize; Cum Laude

To enter Washington and Lee University





James McNaughton Kellogg   James McNaughton Kellogg

JJ, Jimmy J, Smelldog

Junior Football; B-Team Basketball; Junior Baseball (Captain '57); Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Tennis; Library Committee

To enter Duke University





Howard Carrington Kresge   Howard Carrington Kresge


Kresky, Clarence, Cary

Varsity Basketball; B-Team Basketball; Junior Baseball; Varsity Baseball; "A" Society; Dance Committee (President '61); Blue and White (Managing Editor '61); Cheerleader



Reuben Elbert Mayo, III   Reuben Elbert Mayo, III

Bert, IBB, Bertrum
Soccer; Ashnoca (News Editor '59, Managing Editor '59, Editor-in-Chief '60, '61); Radio Club (President '61); Astronomy Club; Mitchell Cabinet; Wit 'n' Waffles; Library Committee; Cast of The Best Years of Your Life; Third Ranking Scholar of School; Ranking Scholar of Fifth Form; Prize for Spanish, Chemistry, and American History; Princeton Club Prize for English; Harvard Club Book Prize; Valedictorian; Cum Laude; Ranking Scholar in Sixth Form; Bausch and Lomb Science Award; National Merit Scholar; Prize in Upper Form English, Physics, and Spanish
To enter Harvard College



Donald Craig Morrison   Donald Craig Morrison deceased 4/21/95

Torch, Groovie

Super Junior Football; Junior Soccer (Co-Captain '58); Junior Baseball; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Track; Tennis; "A" Society; Library Committee; Ashnoca; Choir; Religion Prize

To enter the University of the South




William Sloan Plumer, Jr.   William Sloan Plumer, Jr.

Machine, IBM

Soccer (Manager '60); Golf; "A" Society; Ashnoca; Review; Library Committee

To enter Duke University




Robert Roberts, Jr.   Robert Roberts, Jr.

Bob, Water Buffalo, Fats

Junior Baseball; Junior Basketball; Junior Football; Tennis; Varsity Football; Varsity Soccer; Crew; Blue and White; Ashnoca (Photographic Editor '61); Photographic Society; Mitchell Cabinet; "A" Society; Chairman Class Day Dress Committee

To enter the University of Michigan



Neal A. Rutherford, Jr.   Neal A. Rutherford, Jr. deceased 5/18/94

Ruberfoot, Pie

Junior Basketball; Tennis; Golf; Basketball; Swimmimg

To enter North Carolina State College





Henry Savage, III   Henry Savage, III

Hairy, Haystack, Fuzzy Ferocious

Tennis; Swimming; Track; Woodcraft; Library Committee; Ashnoca (News Editor '60, '61); Dramatic Society; Third Ranking Scholar; Ranking Scholar of Third Form; Ranking Scholar of Fourth Form; French Prize; Latin Prize; Cum Laude; Senior Math Prize

To enter Columbia University



Steven Morton Simmons   Steven Morton Simmons

Steve, Neck, Flexer

Junior Football; Varsity Football; Golf Team; Swimming; "A" Society; Ashnoca (Advertising Manager '59-'61)






Jeffrey Douglas Spoor   Jeffrey Douglas Spoor

Jeff-O, Shakes, Dreamboat

Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Basketball; Swimming; "A" Society; Blue and White






Robert Stewart Strom   Robert Stewart Strom

Rock, Curly

Varisty Soccer; Varsity Football; Golf; Varsity Track; "A" Society; Athletic Advisory Council; Dance Committee; Ashnoca; Library Committee; Senior Prefect; Mitchell Cabinet; Choir; Class Day Committee Chairman; Vice President of Senior Class

To enter Colorado College



Claude T. Sullivan, Jr.   Claude T. Sullivan, Jr.

Dark Meat, LBJ

Junior Football; Junior Soccer; Basketball; Golf; Swimming; Cheerleader; Ashnoca; Review (Advertising Manager '61); Wit 'n' Waffles; Dance Committee

To enter the University of the South





Einar Strom Trosdal, III   Einar Strom Trosdal, III

Norwegian Fisherman, Arthur Murray

Super Junior Football; Junior Football; Junior Basketball; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Tennis (Captain '60); "A" Society; Athletic Advisory Council (Secretary '61); Cheerleader; Ashnoca (Sports Editor '60); Blue and White (Business Manager '61); Mitchell Cabinet (Secretary '61); Junior Prefect; Senior Prefect; Treasurer of Senior Class; Valier Award in Basketball

To enter the University of Georgia



Lawrence Gager Vaughn   Lawrence Gager Vaughan


Larry, Groundhog

Tennis; Swimming; Varsity Track; Varsity Soccer; Crew; Library Committee; Dramatic Society; Ashnoca; Senior Prefect

To enter Grinnell College





Jonathan Rice White   Jonathan Rice White deceased 1/19/96

Dodo, Ears, Jon

Varisty Football; Varsity Soccer; Tennis; "A" Society; Library Committee; Mitchell Cabinet; Wit 'n' Waffles; Dance Committee (Vice President '61); Senior Prefect; President of Senior Class; Valier Award in Soccer

To enter the University of Michigan





Francis Fries Willingham, Jr.   Francis Fries Willingham, Jr.


Frank, Rank, Cowboy

Varsity Football; Varsity Soccer; Golf; Biology Prize; "A" Society; Ashnoca; Blue and White (Photographic Editor '61); Dramatic Society; Photographic Society; Library Committee; Choir; Cheerleader; Senior Prefect; American History Prize

To enter the University of North Carolina




John Charles Wofford   John Charles Wofford

Johnnie-O, Fanatic

Varisty Football; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Track; Swimming; Golf; "A" Society; Ashnoca (Staff, Circulation Manager '59-'61); Valier Award in Football

To enter North Carolina State College





Edward Uihlein Beneke   Edward Uihlein Beneke

4th form





Frederic William Boye   Frederic William Boye

4th form





Samuel C. Briegel   Samuel C. Briegel

5th form





Donald Bradley Brooks   Donald Bradley Brooks


4th form






William Preston Bynum   William Preston Bynum

2nd form





Robert William Chambers   Robert William Chambers

3rd form






Stanley Louis Cook   Stanley Louis Cook

4th form





Gilbert Nathaniel Drake   Gilbert Nathaniel Drake

3rd form





Thomas Tevander Drake   Thomas Tevander Drake

3rd form




Thomas M. Faucette   Thomas M. Faucette

2nd form





Gary Hayes Garner   Gary Hayes Garner

5th form





Francis Millard Griffin   Francis Millard Griffin

3rd form





Theodore Lincoln Hanes   Theodore Lincoln Hanes

2nd form





Joseph Stanley Hebner   Joseph Stanley Hebner

2nd form





Kenneth Philip Kaufman   Kenneth Philip Kaufman

4th form





Henry Douglass McKeen   Henry Douglass McKeen

4th form






Marc Irwin Miles   Marc Irwin Miles

3rd form





William E. O'Neil   William E. O'Neil

4th form





J. Kent Pepper   J. Kent Pepper

1st form





Juan Quincianno Portela   Juan Quincianno Portela

3rd form






Daniel Huger Robertson   Daniel Huger Robertson

3rd form






William Denison Rounds   William Denison Rounds

3rd form





Reed Griffiths Shields   Reed Griffiths Shields

4th form





Michael Addison Stewart   Michael Addison Stewart

2nd form





Francis John Tollon   Francis John Tollon

5th form